If I miss a class, may I do a make-up?
You have 30 days from the date of your missed class to do a make-up. You can make up in any non-asterisk rec class, except Aerial or Art due to extra fees for those classes. Please ask for a make-up slip at the front desk the day of your makeup class.

What does the asterisk mean next to a class and how do I register for those classes?
Classes that have an asterisk by their name are reserved classes for our dance company. In order to register for those classes you must be approved by our Dance Company director. For questions please e-mail dancecompany@mccoyrigby.com.

Can I cancel a class mid month and not get charged for the remainder of the month?
All classes are charged on a monthly basis and 30 days cancellation notice is mandatory for all class cancellations.

I cancelled my classes 30 days in advance but we can’t finish out the month. 
If you cancel your classes per our policy and are paid up through the end of a month but can not attend, you may do make- up classes prior to your final day of class.